Create your own Christmas herb wreath

Create your own Christmas herb wreath

Make these gorgeous Herb Wreaths to adorn your doors, walls and tables this festive season. Try them as little green nests for your bowls or as aromatic table centerpieces. Another great idea is to make mini wreaths and use as napkin rings.

Selection of fresh herb cuttings (Rosemary or Thyme work best)
Floristry wire or thin flexible wire from the hardware store
Ribbon for hanging
Scissors or wire cutters

Take a length of the wire and curve to form a ring to the desired size you?d like your wreath to be.
Twist the end of the wire around the ring to secure in place.

Take your first herb cutting and place the cut end in the top of the ring, using another piece of wire wrap around the end of the cutting (only a few centimetres or so) and secure to the ring, repeat for each cutting.

Continue to add herb cuttings around the ring until you have neatly wrapped the entire ring in herb greenery. If you want a thicker look then simply repeat and do another ?lap? of the herb and wire wrapping.

Select some festive ribbon and tie to the top of your wreath to hang in your window or front door.

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